1. Total amount due for this project is the amount stated on the estimate provided to the client.
  2. Client shall pay Consultant a deposit of 50% of the total amount due for project in advance before any work commences on the Project.
  3. The balance is due within 7 working days of completion of project.
  4. Deposit is non-refundable.
  5. Due to the nature of our suppliers, hosting and domain name purchase is non-refundable
  6. Unless requested and discussed in detail, all websites created by the MiWebdesign team will be NON CMS (content management system) - An additional costings row will be added to the initial estimate (starting from £500) - For more information on what a CMS is, please refer to this link: What is a CMS?
  7. If the client requests to have CMS inbuilt after the non-cms website has gone live, this would be classed as additional work and will be invoiced and charged appropriately.
  8. Should client opt to host elsewhere, applicable transferral fee of £100 will apply.
  9. Estimated project completion time frame is 14 to 30 days from the date Client furnishes Consultant with Brief and all other required media and data, provided that Client has made payment to secure the project.
  10. Consultant will make every effort to meet agreed upon due dates. The Client should be aware that failure to submit required information or materials, or last minute changes and excessive changes may cause subsequent delays. Client delays could result in significant delays in delivery of finished work. - MiWebdesign maintain the right to put on hold, any webhosting, email hosting and website if final payment is not made.
  11. Major changes in client input or direction or brief will be charged at normal rates.
  12. Any work the Client wishes Consultant to create, which is not specified in the attached Proposal will be considered an additional service.
  13. Client agrees to pay Consultant for any additional expenses or additional services not included in the attached quotation and proposal if requested by the Client.
  14. All SEO work done by the team at MiWebdesign will have a minimum costing of £85.00pcm payable on the 1st of each month [12 month contract minimum], please contact us for more information if this is something you are interested in.
  15. Web design credit in the name of the Consultant, and link to Consultants website shall be placed on the footer of the final Website.
  16. Photos supplied by the client to MiWebdesign needs to be cropped and submitted in a jpg format otherwise for MiWebdesign to optimise them will cost 0.50p per image
  17. Either party may terminate this Agreement by giving 7 days written notice to the other of such termination.
  18. In the event that Work is postponed or terminated at the request of the Client, Consultant shall have the right to bill pro rata at full rates for work completed through the date of that request, while reserving all rights under this Agreement.
  19. If additional payment is due, this shall be payable within seven days of the Client's written notification to stop work. In the event of termination, the Client shall also pay any expenses incurred by Consultant and the Consultant shall own all rights to the Work.